Equal pay for equal work.

Strategies in Austria & other EU Member States – 11 March 2016


Income differences between men and women are a known fact. Less well known is that Austria and internationally are a variety of strategies to counteract this imbalance contrary. Therefore, the focus of this conference is primarily on what is being done in Austria and other countries specifically against the income differences. We want to provide all the Equal Pay interested parties the opportunity to learn from the different initiatives and strategies and to present their own approaches.

It is about the question of how we as actors can learn from and connect us better to work together to close the gender pay gap. It is also about to introduce ideas that are useful for companies and politicians as an inspiration for measures to reduce the income gap.

The gender pay gap is the EU average at about 16%. Austria has particularly high values: women earn in this country about 23% less than men. The gender pay gap is however not be seen as a monolith.

While there are common patterns that lead to discrimination against women, such as the principle lower rating of “typically female professions” compared to traditional “male occupations”. So will still work in the care sector paid less than those in the technical field.

However, it is also important to consider that there are large differences in terms of income inequality on the one hand between the sectors and on the other hand within the industries. With such detailed knowledge to strategies and tools are easier to develop and may use targeted.

As input backers numerous actors from the labor market and gender equality policies, institutions,

associations and research institutes have already confirmed their participation – more presentations are not welcome.

Alongside approaches in Austria, we also take a look at initiatives at European level and can learn from the Belgian “Equal Pay Reports”. We invite all interested people to join to Equal Pay for this exchange of ideas and are looking forward to numerous registrations under anmeldung@netzwerk-frauenberatung.at program The conference is a joint event of the network of Austrian women and girls counseling centers with the House of the European Union under the PROGRESS project “Zero gender pay gap”.

For the content design responsible: Network of Austrian women and girls counseling centers iR of the project “Zero gender pay gap” and L & R Social Research iR of the project “Gender Pay Gap: New approaches to an old problem”

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