ZeroGPG Project Meeting in Sofia


On the 24th and the 25th of September 2015, the third project meeting of the zeroGPG project was held in Sofia, Bulgaria, hosted by GPF.

zeroGPG team discussed the progress of project implementation,  as well as all issues regarding operational management and quality assurance,.

In particular, they assessed the progress made in the implementation of Workstream 1, which aims at an in-depth current situation analysis and knowledge improvement on the multidimensional phenomenon of the Gender Pay Gap.

Partners also discussed the development of the zeroGPG software Tool for SMEs, as research conducted in the framework of Workstream 1 will feed in the Tool parameterization.  

The meeting agenda also included the awareness raising and training events, as they are foreseen in Wortkstream 3. Partners share the view that effective communication of the zeroGPG results is crucial for the attainment of the project’s aims and objectives.

Additionally, the Consortium discussed the zeroGPG Communication Plan, which is prepared by La Sapienza University of Rome and includes all dissemination activities. The Plan also includes a common template to be used for zeroGPG outputs. The template was suggested by Four Elements and endorsed by the partnership.

Partners were informed in detail by the Coordinator on the forthcoming financial and progress report towards the European Commission. They also decided upon the dates of the next project meeting, which will be held in September, in Ostrava, Czech Republic, and will be hosted by Equanima.

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