Project Outputs

Project Outputs

A Questionnaire for investigating the current situation, collecting data on the GPG and identifying the user needs.

EU directives and national frameworks concerning GPG issues

You may read the report here:

A report on the current situation in the participating countries regarding the GPG that includes also National and EU legislation issues. The report contains also information on best practices at an international level. It is a result from which all stakeholders will benefit and especially public authorities and policy makers, that will be able to design more appropriate measures.

A report on the sources of the GPG issues, focusing on the psychological aspect, which for the first time is thoroughly examined in the target countries. The study is also aimed at finding any specific pattern of self-presentation that may eventually account for differences in the pay gap.

You may read the report here:

A detailed report on the calculation of the actual GPG in the participating countries (Italy, Greece, Bulgaria, Czech republic, Austria), focusing on SMEs, that takes under consideration also forms of pay that go unrecorded, such as bonus payments, performance-related pay or seasonal payments that are currently not included in Eurostat statistics.

This result is of particular interest for the consortium, since it allows a better understanding of the problem and a more appropriate design of the software tool and awareness raising events. It is a result from which all stakeholders will benefit and especially public authorities and policy makers, that will be able to design more appropriate measures. The methodology followed and presented in the report could be used to calculate a more precise GPG in other countries as well.

You may read the report here:

Review report on business performance indicators. The acknowledgment of business added value due to a more qualified presence of women in the companies could allow managers to promote measures fostering the pulling down of the GPG. Most partners will be involved in the implementation of a review of indicators – at European level – providing empirical evidence of business better performance due to the presence of women in decision making positions as well as among the employees.

As a matter of fact, while the opinion according to which female labour force is considered relevant in order to foster economic development is quite widespread, less empirical evidence validating this issue at company level is available to managers. The outcomes of the review will be used as a separate section of the booklet used for the awareness raising activities.

The zeroGPG software tool that will allow SMEs from the participating countries to check their pay policy and evaluate possible source of inequalities. The tool will also provide the possibility to check employee skills with respect to his/her job description and evaluate the match between them. It is a result from which employers will have significant benefits. Indirectly, this is also a significant benefit for the employees (especially women affected by the GPG).

    • Two awareness raising workshops in each participating country, for a total of 10 workshops on the GPG subject and the benefits and means for minimizing it. The workshops are targeting women (employees and other), employers and the public authorities. It is a result from which all stakeholders will benefit.

    • An “equal-pay day” in the participating countries that have not yet established one (IT, EL, BG, CZ), for a total of 4 events. The scope of this event will be mainly to raise awareness in the general public and assist women in negotiating an equal salary. It is a result from which mainly women employees will benefit. Even though similar events may have been held in the past in some of the target countries (es. CZ), the scope of zeroGPG is to establish an Equal Pay Day as an annual event.

    • One final conference, targeting all stakeholders and the public in general.

    • One “train the trainer” seminar in each participating country, for a total of 5 seminars. The seminars intend to create project multipliers, by training NGO members, HR staff, Vocational trainers and decision makers on the GPG issue and how to transfer the knowledge developed in the project to all women and interested parties. This result has direct positive impact on the decision makers and employers target groups. Indirectly, employees will also be affected.

A zeroGPG booklet that will be used as an information and training guide for all awareness raising events and mainly for the “train the trainer” seminars. The booklet will include also a review of review of business performance indicators related to the presence of women within companies, which will provide tangible evidence on the benefits of closing the GPG. Training providers and NGOs will mainly benefit from this result. They will use the booklet to organize training seminars and other awareness raising events.

The zeroGPG Training material for the seminars, available in the form of presentations and a digital booklet. The material will be available in English and in all consortium languages. All stakeholders will benefit from this result, through their participation in the seminars and other events.

An “equal pay logo” that will be awarded to all companies managing to improve their GPG by the end of the project, and special “ZERO GPG” logo will also be designed and awarded for companies with zero GPG. The awards will be given during the final conference.

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